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A Food As Medicine Treasure: Jim Joseph's Talk on Longevity & the Aging Brain

James Joseph, PhD, was a highly distinguished research scientist– Director of the Neuroscience Laboratory, USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, at Tufts University– and he was also our friend.  He passed away just days before Food As Medicine this June.  My 18 year old son, attending Food As Medicine for the second time and who had heard Jim speak before, said the same thing I did on hearing of his passing: “No, no, no! Not Jim!”  The thing about Jim was he was not only brilliant but endearing, and laugh-out-loud funny.  What better way to convey the science than to have ‘em rolling in the aisles?

He always said that because of his USDA funding, we couldn’t sell the recordings of his talks, but that we could give them away.  So it is with great pleasure that we offer you this treasure– a video of Jim Joseph’s lecture recorded at Food As Medicine in Baltimore in 2008.

Please do share!

Dr. James Joseph – Nutrition and the Aging Brain

Thank you, Jim, for a wonderful ride.

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  • John La Puma MD

    One of the things I liked best about Jim Joseph, who was so far ahead of the game, is that he made everything funny, and sort of a game.

    He took his work seriously, but not himself. He knew we were on to something about food-as-medicine, and was savvy enough to get grants and study and speak about it, but it never came from a holier-than-thou professor place, but instead, from a place that cared about flavor, about people, and about life.

    Thanks for posting.
    author, ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine

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