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NY Times features our model for healing PTSD

This week we had an important advancement in our work bringing the healing power of mind-body medicine to US military and veterans. The New York Times published a strong article that features our work as the focal point in discussing effective new approaches to treating trauma and preventing suicide in the VA.

In the article, “For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma”, published yesterday online, author Tina Rosenberg says “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s program…is the most comprehensive of all [treatments], giving participants a variety of different strategies to choose from: breathing, meditation, guided visual imagery, bio-feedback, self-awareness, dance, self-expression, drawing. And it is the one with the strongest evidence that it works to cure PTSD.”

In a few short days, we will begin training the next group of participants in our Mind-Body Medicine model in San Antonio, Texas, including Healing our Troops program participants who will become future leaders in integrating this model in the military. And the need is great. July saw the highest rate of suicide in recent military history. And this year, more troops have killed themselves than have died on the battlefield—at a rate of nearly one every day.

In order to bring this approach to as many people possible, we need you to help spread the word by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, and sharing this article with your communities. You can also donate to help us continue to expand this work and to train those who have dedicated their lives to working with some of the most underserved populations.

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