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Journey of the Breath

Journey of the Breath

Join Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Kathy Farah, MD, a family doc from western Wisconsin, in this very brief guided visualization in which we appreciate our breath in a different way, as it travels deep into our lungs, giving us oxygen at a cellular level. Wonderful. Love her voice! Editor

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Kathy Farah, MD

About Kathy Farah, MD

Kathleen Farah, MD, Mind-Body Skills Group facilitator, Integrative Medicine Clinic, Children’s Hospitals and Clinic in Minneapolis; Board certified in family practice and holistic medicine

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  • karyne richardson

    Wow, I loved this Experiential short message about taking in life/air and really letting go of breath each time. I was born with cystic fibrosis and I am 62 and I am still alive because I believe that my DNA is not my destiny. I can choose to change my lungs ability to function through lifestyle changes day by day. Thankyou!

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