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Solar Richmond

Seven years ago, Michele McGeoy founded the non-profit, Solar Richmond to assist troubled male youths ages 18-24 in Richmond, CA by teaching them the skills to install solar panels. She thought that providing a marketable skill would be the key to equipping these young men with a chance to create a different future.

A few years ago, one of her students was shot and killed. A visiting trauma specialist asked “How many of you have lost someone to violence?” When every single hand went up, Michele suddenly realized that the solar panel skills were only part of the solution. What seemed necessary was a connection to something much larger… a catalyzing force for transformative change, not only for the students but for their community.

The brush with trauma led Michele to experiment with mind-body skills as a way for the young men to experience themselves differently and connect in the context of a cause. Mind-body skills are key to enabling the young men to ground themselves in the face of their automatic reactions. “It is vital for them to recognize that they have normal reactions given how they grew up,” Michele says. “So when the boss gives you a funny look and you have an automatic angry response, your brain is doing what it is supposed to do — keep you safe from danger. The moment they understand that the boss’s “look” might mean anything — even though their brain has interpreted the action as dangerous — they are free to make wiser choices. They now have the opportunity to pause and make decisions coming from a more grounded place. All of them want to do better—and these tools will give them that opportunity.”

You can help provide mind-body skills for these young men, forever changing their future — their family’s future and that of their community. Our next Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training is coming up October 5 – 9 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Help us raise $25,000 in scholarship money for the Solar Richmond staff to be trained to provide these skills.

Be an angel… save a life!

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