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About Carol Penn, MA, DO

Carol Penn, MA, DO, is a physician specializing in integrative Family Practice Medicine with a focus on mind body medicine, arts medicine, and nutrition medicine with an emphasis on prevention and wellness to optimize human potential.

Rice and Gravy, Love and Spirit

Rice And Gravy, Love and Spirit

Today was the first of eight sessions in a Philadelphia private medical practice where I am implementing an evidenced-based treatment protocol utilizing The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s small group model. The common diagnosis for this group is Morbid Obesity with a BMI of >40 and co-morbidities including Diabetes type II, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, hypertensive heart disease, and chronic pain syndrome. All of the group participants have tried multiple diets; some have experienced success then put the weight back on, and then some.
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Creating the Container: The Power of a Safe Place

Creating the Container: The Power of a Safe Place

Over the past two years I have had the privilege of working with adults living with Sickle Cell Disease in the Philadelphia area. This journey has brought many gifts with it, not the least of which has been conducting Mind Body Skills Groups.

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