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Joe Graca, PhD

About Joe Graca, PhD

Joe Graca, PhD is a clinical psychologist in St. Cloud, MN, who was in the VA from 1980 - 2013. He is certified in EMDR, the Trauma Recovery Model, and in Mind-Body Medicine by CMBM. He is also a trained logo therapist, and focuses on the search for meaning and purpose in one’s life in his interventions.

Being Present with One Another: Honoring Elderly Veterans

Being Present with One Another: Honoring Elderly Veterans In the beginning, I was cautioned that most elderly veterans would be too debilitated, distressed, or lack the focus and cognitive ability to participate in a group program using CMBM techniques. It has been my experience, however, that CMBM groups are very effective in addressing the primary issues that elderly group members present with, including physical pain, grief, and sensory and cognitive limitations. Continue reading →

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