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Five Reasons We Believe in Food as Medicine

By Robin Gentry McGee

Robin Gentry McGee is a Food As Medicine graduate and Founder and CEO of Functional Formularies, producer of Liquid Hope, the world’s first whole foods feeding tube formula. We’re so proud of Robin’s remarkable food as medicine product — and now Functional Formularies is a Supporter of our program! This is her post previously published on her blog, published here on the day our fall 2014 Food As Medicine program begins.
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Raw Lunch with Rebecca Katz

By Jo Cooper

Certainly one of the greatest culinary challenges I’ve ever faced occurred last month, when my dear friend Food As Medicine Executive Chef and author (soon to publish her 4th cookbook) Rebecca Katz — aka, one of the most famous and sublime healthy chefs in the US — came to lunch at my house.

What to cook?

When I entertain friends and family, and I REALLY want things to go well, I use Rebecca’s recipes. Now what?

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