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Don’t Give Up; Surrender

By June Hyjek

Let’s talk about the concept of “surrender.” Whenever I do events and signings for my recent book, Unexpected Grace: A Discover of Healing through Surrender, I inevitably get asked the question, “Who did you surrender to?”

The answer? No one. My concept of surrender doesn’t require that we give ourselves over to another person, party or even God. Surrendering isn’t about religion, giving in or resignation. We don’t have to surrender to anybody or anything to discover deep healing.

We just have to stop fighting.
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Shaking and Dancing in the Ring of Fire

By Naftali Halberstadt

My participation in the first Center for Mind-Body Medicine training workshop in Israel in 2004 marked the beginning of a personal and professional transformation that reverberates in me still. Today, the integration of mind-body skills with CBT (cognitive behavioral treatment), of which I am a therapist, supervisor and instructor, is central to all that I do. I use them in a variety of cultural settings: Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, secular, ultra-orthodox.

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Enduring Presence

By Carol Jacobs, LCSW

It has been 20 plus years since my first encounter with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. In the early years I was part of the team that travelled to the refugee camps in Kosovo. We had the profound privilege of teaching our work to children, civilians, and professionals. All had suffered the traumas and anguish of war. I saw the transformations that resulted from our work; how enduring presence and teaching provided healing and growth. After “Soft Belly” breathing with a group of 40 people in a refugee camp, one man said that he hadn’t experienced a sense of safety and calm since the outbreak of the war in Kosovo until then. A young man in a small group I led felt free to cry for the first time after drawing a picture depicting the murder of his father in their home.

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