The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Since 2007, the Center has been working to bring the population-wide healing model that has worked so well in traumatized regions overseas to US troops, veterans and their families.

We train military, VA and civilian health providers working with these populations nationwide, by bringing them to our annual Mind-Body Medicine Professional Trainings, and providing ongoing supervision by our Senior Clinical Faculty as they incorporate mind-body skills groups into their institutions and communities. The Center is seeking to develop base-specific and institution-specific Healing Our Troops trainings in the future.

Testimonials from veterans who have been through our trainings.

Click here for more videos from veterans at our Mind-Body Medicine training.

  • 350 Health professionals have been trained in mind-body medicine.
  • Graduates come from 37 states, with the strongest presence in DC, MD, MN, CA and TX.
  • 30+ military bases and institutions have been represented.
  • 30+ Veterans Administration Health Centers, clinics and institution have been represented.

Research-in-progress: The Defense Center of Excellence (DCoE) for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury awarded the Center a $400,000 research grant to study our trauma healing model with veterans returning from Iraq & Afghanistan.

And our model is featured in the September 26, 2012 New York Times article  ”For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma“, which describes our model as, “… the one with the strongest evidence that it works to cure PTSD.”
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