The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Thanks to the generosity of The Atlantic Philanthropies, our Gaza program is one of the most remarkable population-wide healing programs in the world — effectively helping a people beleaguered by war and internal conflict, an embargo, malnutrition, and unemployment levels of 60% or more to relieve their distress, and experience their own capacity to help themselves and transform their lives.

Under the guidance of Jamil Atti, MA, Gaza Country Director, Center-trained clinicians and educators—who work in virtually all of Gaza’s major health and mental health programs, many grass-roots organizations, and international aid organizations—are continually offering mind-body skills groups to men, women and children.

  • 420 Gaza professionals have been trained in mind-body medicine.
  • A Leadership Team of 20 clinicians has been developed.
  • 30,000 children & adults have been served via 10-week cycles of mind-body skills groups, offering much needed support in the ongoing trauma of life in the Gaza Strip.
  • 75,000 Gaza children & adults have been served since the program’s inception in 2005.
  • The Center provides ongoing clinical supervision, program development and financial support.
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