The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Since 2005, the Center has trained over 300 Jewish and Arab-Israeli health, mental health, and education professionals and has established an independent, nonprofit organization that continues to integrate the Center’s model in its work in Israel.

With the Center’s support and clinical guidance, Country Director Naftali Halberstadt, PhD has expanded the Israel program, focusing on those segments of the population that have been most affected by the shelling from Gaza in the South and Hezbollah in the North.

  • 300 Jewish & Arab-Israeli professionals have been trained in mind-body medicine.
  • The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills, established in 2009, offers ongoing training & Certification to Israeli clinicians and educators.
  • 100 school psychologists & counselors have been trained in an ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Education.
  • An advanced training for Jewish, Arab-Israeli and Palestinian Mind-Body Medicine graduates in working with children & teens was held in 2008.
  • In Partnership with Ben Gurion University and The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills, a Palestinian & Israeli CancerGuides® was held in Be’er Sheva, Israel in September 2012.
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