The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

These are our top go-to sites for practical resources on mind-body medicine, nutrition and integrative cancer care. 

See also — the Center’s Self-Care section

Mind-Body Medicine

  • Kripalu Yoga Breaks – 
Brief guided yoga from yoga heaven, aka Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. 
Listen now, subscribe on iTunes, or watch on YouTube.
  • Yoga with Esther Ekhart – from 4 to 30 minute yoga classes on YouTube
  • Insight Meditation Community – Relax & meditate: full length Dharma talks from Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, Sylvia Boorstein, Hugh Byrne and other remarkable teachers.


Cancer Care

  • Embodiworks – Integrative cancer care resources, including links to providers and clinics. Dr. Gordon and Center faculty members are on their Advisory Board, and the Executive Director is a Center alum.
  • CrazySexyLife – Need hope? Turn to the irrepressible Kris Carr and her funny, heartfelt and practical stories and resources.
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