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Community-Wide Healing Video ThumbnailCommunity-Wide Healing (5:19)

Listen to the people who live and work in Gaza discuss how The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s programs have renewed their hope.


Transforming Your Practice Transforming Your Practice (4:15)

About our Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program– making a difference in the lives of health professionals & the people they serve


How Do You Connect? (4:23)

Your support means the world!


Finding Hope in the Face of Another: Trauma Relief in Gaza Finding Hope in the Face of Another: Trauma Relief in Gaza (9:56)



A Feast of Science & Wisdom: Kathie Swift on Food As Medicine A Feast of Science & Wisdom: Kathie Swift on Food As Medicine (1:33)

In this video, Kathie shares what makes The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s popular Food As Medicine training the essential nutrition program for healthcare professionals.


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Audio - Your Optimal DietThis interview with Dr. James Gordon was part of the Your Optimal Diet Summit, a free online event that featured some of the world’s top scientists, nutritionists & doctors, and offered inspiration and information to help illuminate the pathway to an ideal diet and separate facts from fads.

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teaching-thousands-heal-millions-podcastDr. James Gordon, a Harvard educated psychiatrist, is a world renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety and psychological trauma. He is the founder and director of the Center for Mind Body Medicine, the internationally acclaimed organization that teaches scientifically validated mind-body techniques that enhance each person’s capacity for self-awareness and self-care to health professionals around the world. As a result, practitioners have more healing tools to offer their patients. Dr. Gordon will share his incredible knowledge and wisdom and will discuss the wonderful programs offered through the Center for Mind Body Medicine to promote a higher level of consciousness and ultimately health.

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Healing From Trauma PodcastEveryone in life experiences some measure of trauma. But how do we heal from those painful experiences? In 1988, local Montauk resident Suse Lowenstein lost her son Alexander in Pan Am Flight 103. As an artist, she created Dark Elegy as part of her healing journey. Stirring the Pot will explore the many ways that people can heal from horrific experiences with Mrs. Lowenstein and Dr. James Gordon, the Founder and Director of the Center of Mind Body Medicine, an expert in trauma relief.

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Audio - Journey of the BreathJoin Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Kathy Farah, MD, a family doc from western Wisconsin, in this very brief guided visualization in which we appreciate our breath in a different way, as it travels deep into our lungs, giving us oxygen at a cellular level.

Audio - Empty Your CupOur founder and director, Dr. James Gordon, is a renowned raconteur. Empty Your Cup is one of our favorite of his stories -– a classic we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

nprDr. Gordon’s interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation – hope amid this grave humanitarian crisis, help with the mental & emotional scars of war for children & adults in refugee camps.

Founder & Director James S. Gordon, MD describes Food As Medicine, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s renowned course in medical nutrition therapy (2:10).

Take a break and experience this 7-minute breathing meditation with Dr. James Gordon, Center Founder & Director (7:41).

Experience guided imagery with Center Founder & Director, James Gordon, MD. This technique uses the power of our mind to effect our physiology in a simple, direct way (11:00).

Learn how to ease financial stress with four mind-body techniques from Center Founder & Director James S. Gordon, MD. (5:29)


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