Food As Medicine Testimonials

Food As Medicine is the foundation program for professionals to change the way we teach Americans how to embrace food and their health.Amanda Archibald, RD, Field to Plate, New Market, MD

Neither my medical school training nor any experience since then has been as enlightening or helpful regarding nutrition. Not only was it informative and scientific—the conference provided many ‘pearls’ for immediate use.Physician, Spartanburg, SC

By far the best continuing education course I have ever attended. It will change how I practice and, more importantly, how I live. The faculty was outstanding, all at the top of their game, and they were so accessible and gracious to us.Nurse, South Bend, IN

This is the best conference I have ever attended. I have learned so much and been inspired to further my knowledge. I can’t wait to go home and share my knowledge with my clients.Registered Dietitian, Bell Air, MD

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine delivers the latest in sound science from the field of food, lifestyle, and health through Food As Medicine, which is one of the most well organized conferences that I have attended. It is no surprise that I attended for the second time this year!Physician, South Dennis, MA

Food As Medicine completely reformulated how I think as a pediatrician about nutrition, toxins, and lifestyle. What a tremendous gift to offer to the children I see and their parents. Thank you for giving me this valuable tool in supporting the health of our children!Pediatrician, San Carlos, CA

This has totally changed how I view health, food, and the culture of healthcare—truly eye opening and inspirational. I learned more in 4 days here about nutrition and how it impacts health than I had learned in 7 years of training.Physician, Laurens, SC