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CancerGuides® is the most comprehensive training program in integrative oncology in the country. We equip health professionals and patient advocates to work with people with cancer and their families to create safe, effective, individualized programs of care.

Program founded:  2001

Created as a result of the CMBM-sponsored Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference, held in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003 in Washington, DC.  The conferences served to nurture a broad, inclusive conversation about integrative cancer care among conventional and complementary practitioners, researchers and patient advocates—and the need for a training program helping with the process of guiding cancer patients along the pathway of individualized care became clear.

James Gordon, MD – Course Director, 2001 – present
Timothy Eden – current Program Manager

Dates & location the program has been held:
2001 – Snowmass, CO
2002 – Snowmass, CO
2004 – Berkeley, CA
2005 – Berkeley, CA
2006 – Chicago, IL

CancerGuides® II – A conference on cutting-edge integrative cancer care

2009 – Washington, DC

Graduates to date:  815

The CancerGuides® program was also held in 2012: Be’er Sheva, Israel, in partnership with Ben Gurion University and The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills in Israel.

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