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The Center’s Certification in Mind-Body Medicine is designed for graduates of our Advanced Training Program who want to take this work to the highest level.

The Certification Program will provide you with on-going supervision, in-depth intellectual understanding, and one-on-one support. Upon completion you will be thoroughly prepared to lead Mind-Body Skills Groups with diverse communities, integrate mind-body medicine into your institution, and develop unique applications for clinical practice and educational programs.

Certification includes:

Practicum— 16 sessions facilitating or co-facilitating a mind-body skills group and 18 hours of process, planning, and long distance supervision and mentorship with a senior Center faculty member

Advanced Training II—A return to our Advanced Training Program upon completion of your practicum group hours

Independent Study— Group-analysis, a case study, and literature review

You will be a part of a supportive community of healers who will help you develop your own work and take it out into your communities. As you progress in the Certification Program, you are likely to feel far greater satisfaction, competence and joy in your work than you have ever imagined.

Prerequisite for this program:  Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training

All faculty currently engaged in the Center’s Global Trauma Relief programs have come through our Certification Program.

Certified practitioners are listed (if desired) in our Patient Referral List by state.

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I’ve gone through this program with a sense of wonder and gratitude: for learning so much; for receiving such expert guidance; and for being with people with like-minded visions and dreams.

- Michael McVay, Cardiologist, Medical School Faculty

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