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The fee for Mind-Body Medicine Certification is $3,900, which includes 18 hours of supervision, a review of 3 papers, and tuition for the Advanced Training II (not including hotel or travel). This can be broken into as many as 12 monthly payments if needed. However, the fee needs to be paid in full before attending the second Advanced Training.

You will need the following to complete our online Certification application:

  • A digital photograph of your face – A .jpg or .gif file, a minimum of 150 pixels wide and a maximum of 10 MB. Most photo development centers can assist you in creating a digital version of an existing print if needed.
  • A personal essay, including
    • Your name and date of application
    • How you use mind-body medicine in your personal life
    • Your current work situation
    • Challenges you’ve encountered in your work and how you’ve handled them
    • Personal adversity you’ve experienced and how you’ve handled it
    • Your personal strengths and weaknesses

If you have completed group supervision as part of a scholarship/grant, you may be eligible for a reduction in the Certification fee. Please complete and email us the Report on group supervision hours and small groups and wait to receive an application code before proceeding.

Note: Filling out the Certification application does not guarantee acceptance.

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