The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

We are committed to helping reduce trauma and build resilience in our military service members, veterans and their families. Our model offers troops and veterans a supportive, non-stigmatizing approach to all the psychological and social problems and challenges that confront them–including PTSD and major depression. Our goal is to provide a high-quality training and ongoing support to health and mental health professionals who work with large numbers of troops and their families.

All those who work or are planning to work with US Military, Veterans, Veterans Affairs, National Guard,  Reserves, and/or their families are welcome to join us at the Mind-Body Medicine training and attend Healing Our Troops lunch meetings during the program to create a framework for the work, answer questions specific to military/veterans and facilitate networking.

Click here to review research on using our model for PTSD and here to learn more about Global Trauma Relief work. You can learn the same model we use world-wide with trauma at the Mind-Body Medicine training.

If you are wish to send a group of 5 or more participants at a discounted rate, or would like us to provide a customized training at a military base or VA medical center, please contact


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