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During Food As Medicine 2006, 2007 and 2008, The Center provided training in clinical nutrition to 40 health professionals who are currently offering nutritional counseling and education in schools, clinics, hospitals and educational institutions in underserved communities in Baltimore, Maryland (37 participants) and Washington, DC (3 participants).

These Scholars are serving Baltimore City Head Start; the Baltimore City Health Department, School Health Program; the Special Needs Clinic, Johns Hopkins; JHU School of Nursing’s Birth Companions Program; Chronic Kidney Failure Clinic & Drug Rehab Center; the Jericho Program, a post-prison project; the Penn North Clinic substance abuse program; Children’s National Medical Center; and Howard University.

In addition, the Center has:

  • Provided a day-long Community Nutrition Educators Workshop for these Scholars and their staffs
  • Created power points and handouts on healthy nutrition for the use of workshop participants and the public, through a new Community Nutrition Resources page on the Center’s website
  • Begun creation and support of an on-going, sustainable Baltimore Nutrition Group (BNG), made up of health professionals interested in networking, discussion around common challenges and solutions, and continuing education.
  • Offered a lunch & learn session in April 2008 on the topic of Eating Healthy Economically. All handouts for that program are now available on the Community Nutrition page.

In 2009, the leadership of this network has been taken up by group members Victoria Proctor and Derek Neal, with continuing support from the Center.  A series of breakfast meetings are planned for 2009, with Derek, Victoria and other group members offering seminars on:

  • June 23 -  “How to Get Started Growing Food – from Backyard to Balcony”
  • July 28 – Eating Healthy Economically (back by popular demand!)
  • August 25 – Exercise & Movement
  • September 22 – Detoxification
  • October 27 – Walking the Walk: Creating a Wellness Environment in your Workplace
  • November 17 – Know Your Body: Food Allergies & Elimination Diets
  • December 8 or 15 (TBD) – Holiday Healthy Tips

This group is open to all health professionals working with nutrition in Baltimore.  If you are interested in participating, please contact us at:

This work has been generously supported by the Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation, a Baltimore family foundation promoting social justice and human rights. We are most grateful for their vision and support, as are our Blaustein Scholars.

“This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Only the birth of my daughters tops this training… I can now create a cohesive learning tool for the staff who are charged with counseling our students. This training should be made a mandatory part of every course we health care professionals take during our training. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Aasya Amatus-Salaam , MS , BSN
Community Health Nurse Supervisor I,
Baltimore City Health Department, School Health Program

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“The information I received will serve me well as I work with our staff, parents and children…Most importantly, I learned that there is a holistic approach to good nutrition which starts with self, and then spreads to others. Our goal for our Head Start participants includes a “head start” on understanding the power of nutrition.”

Burnette Douglass Rahmaan, MS
Health Coordinator, Baltimore City Head Start

“Thanks to your vision and your commitment to the people we serve, I was able to attend, absorb, gain and share from this superb mind and body experience. It has been nourishing, fresh, vibrant, and colorful like a good, yummy organic salad. Now it is time to apply the knowledge. Thank you!”

Elva Anderson, BFA, MPS, Health Educator/Art Therapist,
Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC

“The information from the Food as Medicine continues to serve those clients from the community that I see in clinic… I am finding that whatever the population, the potential for food allergies impacting the health of youngsters through to the elderly, is so commonplace and prevalent. Addressing this cause with eliminating and reintroducing foods is serving to resolve many health issues…The conference was a gift to me that keeps on giving.”

Thelema C. Martin, RD, LD , Chronic Kidney Failure Clinic & Drug Rehab Center, Baltimore, MD

“As a nutritionist working in low-income urban communities for over 22 years, I found the course to be invaluable.  It has helped to bridge the gap between science and application.  I can explain from a broadened knowledge base why an individual can prevent and even heal disease through nutrition. In addition, the course was presented in a way that I can easily translate the information to a lay person. And as a result of this course my nutrition work in the community will focus more on inclusion of ‘whole foods’ and less on elimination of ‘partial foods’. The whole foods will squeeze out the partial foods.”

Linda Thompson, MS, Doctoral Student, Howard University

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