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A New Way to Think of Lovingkindness


This post originally appeared in the author’s blog Mindful Mothering on December 7, 2011.
Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I still have thoughts swimming from David Whyte‘s workshop and one was on this idea of lovingkindness. That is not how he described it but he speaks of the essence of how we nurture ourselves. He suggests that we are the only part of creation that is allowed to deny itself, ie a tree or flower do not get to deny their essence but we as humans, constantly deny or reject parts of ourselves that we are dissatisfied with. And so this idea of how to nurture ourselves is cast aside by our self-criticism. Continue reading →

Alum Entrepreneur: Whole Foods Feeding Tube Formula

Ask any Food As Medicine graduate what their favorite thing about the program is and for sure their difficulty will be in choosing between the food and the people.  It’s a given that the education is superlative– science-based, heart-centered, practical and inspiring. FAM 2011 will make it an even dozen times we’ve presented it, and we have gotten very good at it, indeed.  Rebecca Katz is designing the food, so again, prepare to be both nourished and dazzled.  The people?  Robin Gentry McGee is a perfect example of our amazing attendees.

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Our Wonderful Alums: Mary-Beth in the Drip Room

Right after Food As Medicine in June 2010, we received the following email from a participant:

Thank you and the staff for an incredible experience.
It is still very alive for me. I came home and right away started
weekly food demonstrations at the oncology clinic
where I work.  Patients are loving it!

Peace & blessings,

Mary-Beth Charno, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, OCN
Linchitz Medical Wellness,Glen Cove, NY

This kind of email goes in my electronic folder labeled Cloud Nine. Seriously– what would you like to hear if you managed a nutrition training program for healthcare professionals?  The paycheck is not why we work late.  So I contacted Mary-Beth for details, and she was kind enough to share photos and recipes.

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