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Fascinating Talks: William Li, “Can we eat to starve cancer?”

By Jo Cooper

This remarkable talk has been flying around the internet, but in case you missed it as I had, take 20 minutes and get a new perspective on cancer prevention and treatment in William Li’s recent TED talk.

  • Quite informative with good use of graphics.
    With all due respect, concerning his discussion about lycopene and prostate cancer, I wonder what his comments would be regarding newer studies that refute this finding, such as this one?

  • Everyday there are hundreds new studies coming out about food and its relationship to certain types of cancer. However, I believe Dr. Li’s overall message is food — not supplements — is what will protect our bodies. Creating anti- angiogenesis — or an inhospitable environment for cancer cells to spread — involves an intake of many antioxidants and phytochemicals, which are all found in a cornucopia whole foods.
    Rebecca Katz, author, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing Big Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery.