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Cinnamon Oranges

By Jo Cooper

Cinnamon oranges. Aren’t those words together scintillating?

On a freezing cold night in January I joined 30 friends at Marrakech near Dupont Circle in Washington, DC for a 5-course feast. Platter after platter of savory dishes were presented in succession, the flavors all much the same. And then–unexpectedly–the most marvelous thing happened. The waiters brought for dessert thick orange slices dusted with cinnamon, arrayed on the plate like shimmering orange flowers, glowing in the mysterious, darkened room. The smell of cinnamon aroused our senses before we even tasted. And when we tasted our eyes opened wide with amazement–these were some of the most delicious things we’d ever had! By far our favorite dish of the evening. And it quickly dawned on me that this was also the most amazingly easy dessert to create, ever! And that it would be the perfect thing to share with you.