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Mind, Body, Spirit!

By Linda Hall

I am facilitating my second Mind-Body Skills Group since completing both the Advanced Mind-Body Medicine and Food As Medicine courses. The first group started with eight members and ended with a core of four, who have since held two reunions with a third on the horizon. During the time between reunions these individuals have no contact except through me and yet they want to keep in touch, so every few months we get together for lunch.

The present group numbers seven plus myself, and all members bonded the very first meeting. They have continued to trust one another and open themselves as we follow the process I was taught through my studies at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine programs.The gains each of them has made personally with only three meetings is amazing to me, as each has applied and used some of the techniques. One member has changed her relationship with her husband through application of “it’s your turn to speak” by having a symbolic memento that they pass back and forth when having conversation. They are listening to one another!! Another stopped her dinner plans and did shaking and dancing with her children during our recent snowstorm and saw the positive effects that resulted. She didn’t prepare the veggies for dinner and was able to let her husband know the reason without feeling guilty, as she and the children had danced!!

It continues to be an exciting field to be a part of as I assist others to better their own health care through balancing, centering and energizing their mind, body and spirit!