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Fear or Trust. You Choose.

By June Hyjek

Many things have happened lately to make me fearful of others and of life itself. My world seems to be filled with people who hold unfounded grudges that baffle me and choose to say vindictive things for no other reason than spite. We’ve had deaths and serious illnesses, difficult medical prognoses. Family members whose actions are more about greed than family values. Job losses and insecurity. It’s been difficult to hold on to the trust and acceptance that got me through past challenges. I see fear peeking out of every corner, tugging at me, knocking on the door, enticing me to believe that the world is full of anger, resentment, greed and struggles. Fear is ready to haunt me, settle into my stomach and my bones. In fact, I can already feel it in my body, aching and throbbing.

We all have these times. Life is a string of good things and bad things. But we tend to notice the bad things more because discomfort gets our attention more than comfort, and when fear and anger take us over, we are definitely uncomfortable. It takes an effort to reject the fear, to refuse to believe that negativity in the world is the norm. The option of being fearful is always there, sitting on the sidelines, waiting. But it is always our choice to focus instead on the love and support we have. It takes work to seek out and surround ourselves with this support. It is a choice to believe and have trust in the goodness that exists in our everyday world.

So in the middle of these challenges, I look outside at the beauty of the budding spring. And I am grateful. I revel in the comfort of my home. And I am grateful. I hear music in the air, and feel the softness of the breeze. And I am grateful. I hear the words of my friends in support. And I am grateful. I see their eyes filled with love and kindness. And I am grateful. I feel the love and protection in my husband’s embrace. And I am grateful.

And with all this love I experience, this comfort and beauty that surrounds me, this life filled with gratitude, how can I possibly let fear fill my body and control me? How can I not trust and believe that all these challenges are temporary and don’t make up the substance of my life? Fear may be close by, but I can choose not to let it come any closer. I can choose to live in abundance, trust and faith. I can choose to believe.

  • Eric Nelson

    Your beautiful article reminds me of a quote from the Bible… “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed” (II Cor 4:8). And why aren’t we distressed, in despair, forsaken, destroyed? As referenced in your article, I believe it’s because of our God-given ability to be grateful. Thank you!