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Shaking & Dancing Challenge

By Liora Schneider

Shaking & Dancing Meditation has been my favorite exercise since I learned it in the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program. To me, it’s a dynamic and effective method that immediately changes one’s state of mind.

In the groups that I have led, I have noticed that it’s one of the exercises that the participants enjoy and do the most in their daily lives. The group members who have practiced it say they feel more energized and happier, at least during the day they do it. It is easily practiced and duration can depend on the time and availability of each person.

For these reasons, I decided to do a 90-day SHAKE AND DANCE CHALLENGE. I posted it on Twitter and thus made a commitment not only to myself but to all my followers.

My personal experience was extraordinary. I found that my general view in facing daily problems was more optimistic, and I also felt greater mental clarity and capacity to focus. Many things that were on my mind but that I didn’t know how to carry out began to take shape. Although I haven’t solved them entirely, I can now see the steps I need to take more clearly.

When I decided to pose the challenge, I didn’t know whether to do it for 21 or 90 days. Lessons learned: 90-days is definitely too much time! There were days when I was very tired and didn’t want to do it, but the commitment with my followers kept me going. I didn’t set a fixed time to shake and dance. I did it in my spare time–at night, or in the morning on weekends when I had more time.

Now that it’s over, I feel relieved but at the same time I miss the “having to do it” and the emotional state it brings. I decided to enter into a maintenance stage and to do it at least three times per week. I’m curious to discover the ongoing emotional, mental, and physical benefits of long-term practice of Shaking & Dancing Meditation.

  • Tanya Malse

    Liora, I love Shaking and dancing too. At the first training It helped me get Unstuck after years of being stuck. I love to share it with many and use it myself to ground and when i need a boost. It makes me feel energized in the moment and happy afterwards. Tanya, CMBM Advanced classmate