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Bob Buckley


Today’s blog post is bitter-sweet. We are writing to let you know that Bob Buckley, our dear Mind-Body Medicine faculty member, has passed. Our deepest condolences go to Bob’s partner George and to his family.

While our hearts are heavy knowing Bob is not with us anymore, we smile as we remember him and acknowledge the difference he has made in the world. Those of you who have not met Bob personally, please know that he was among our faculty from the start and has trained most of the current faculty. He has worked worldwide, sharing his passion for mind-body skills with veterans, Lakota at Pine Ridge, Alaska Natives, and “his brothers and sisters” in Kosovo, Israel, and Gaza and all those at our professional trainings.

Bob always shared and enriched our lives with his childlike wonder, gentle words, kind actions, compassionate, generous spirit, bright mind, and brave open loving heart. He was humble, and respected everyone (from big bosses to the last server in a restaurant) and stood up for those who could not defend themselves. His passion to learn and help others and his love of life have inspired so many of us. So as we grieve, we also stand in gratitude for having had the honor to know him. We will do our best to learn from his example.

Bob - Doing yoga when visiting Stephanie Whiting

We know many of you feel Bob’s loss as well as much pain from your own losses. We have been grieving Bob’s death and celebrating his life in many ways: sharing stories, dancing, breathing, with Tonglen meditation, and by letting those who are in our lives know how much we care for them. We invite you to do the same. You are welcome to join our community in lighting a virtual candle here.

We also want to honor Bob by establishing a scholarship fund for people who selflessly work with the neediest, including our teams who are working with those who have been so deeply traumatised in Gaza and Israel, for those who share their shining hearts as Bob did. We will let you know more about this in the coming days.

Bob Buckley

  • Kira Laura Ferrand

    Bob was a wonder! And empowered my own healing so that I could have the courage to go out and try to help others In his model. I shall miss his prescience and presence here on earth. To honor his memory I will be donating several treatment hours to my cancer patients in need in the hopes that his fellow mourners gain some small comfort that his memory is served helping others.
    Kira -Laura Ferrand

  • Gerre Schwert

    Bob supervised me for certification in 2005-2006. He has been a presence in every group I’ve facilitated, and now will be there in an even more special way. What a loss to the world! A caring, bright, intuitive precious soul who touched SO many lives. I count myself blessed.

  • Frances Zappalla

    Bob was my group leader for the initial MBM Class. He was an amazing man. A gentle soul, a wonderful teacher and mentor, and an inspiration. I feel so blessed to have known him.

  • I
    was truly saddened to hear this news, knowing how much Bob loved helping
    people, and how much people loved being helped by him. As I reflect on the
    lasting influence Bob had on me as a supervisee, it is clear that his life of
    service, compassion, care & humanity wasn’t about him…it was about others.
    Others who were suffering in ways great and small. Publicly, in warring
    nations, and privately, in silence. Bob’s
    enthusiasm, encouragement, and willingness to be both flexible and direct helped
    us effectively teach mind-body skills to 5 groups of highly stressed medical
    students at Duke. On their feedback evaluations, the students said they felt
    cared for, like they belonged, like someone was listening, and, yes, less
    stressed and more mindful, too. If that isn’t what healing is all about, then I
    don’t know what is?! Thank you, Bob, for the love and wisdom you shared with so
    many on this earth. The ripple effects of your kindness and your gift for healing
    will continue…