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By Raphaele Cohen-Bacry

We often forget that skin is one of our organs and also the largest one. It acts as a barrier between our internal organs and the outside world with all its aggressions, and we should take good care of it. When we get sunburned not only do we damage our skin immediately (do I have to remind you about the pain, the burning sensation, the unbearable contact of clothes and sheets, the horrible looking peeling, etc.?) but also in the long-run. The long-term consequences are even worse when sunburns occur during childhood and repeatedly. We all know we have to use sunscreens and avoid the hours of the day when the sun is the strongest, and wear a hat and so on — but do we? Well, I am embarrassed to admit I failed the test not so long ago and got one BAD sunburn. I got it all wrong. Add first sun exposure of the year, no sunscreen, worst time of the day, and you get — the lobster woman.

Here is what I did to relieve the pain, the inflammation, the redness, and to avoid blisters and peeling. Of course, if you have large blisters or fever or are in a lot of pain, go see a doctor. This combination is for immediate relief and for a quicker and better healing of the skin. It does not help with the possible long-term consequences of repeated sunburn.

As soon as possible:
Apis 30C and belladonna 6C: alternate 5 sublingual pellets of each every 15 minutes, then every hour, and finally 3 times a day. This will reduce the edema, the sensation of heat, the redness, and the pain. Also, apply Calendula ointment first then lotion, several times a day and cover with gauze. Make sure the skin is totally repaired before stopping the applications.

So my advice is to always have those three medicines with you when you go on vacation or when you spend your weekend swimming, hiking, sailing, etc.

Don’t get me wrong: the best is to not get sunburn at all, but if you do, you should try those medicines.

You can thank me later!