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Friday, November 10th, 2017

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Watch CMBM Faculty member Cherie Snyder receive the Donald M Schaeffer Helping People Award from the Maryland State Comptroller, Peter Franchot.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM), in partnership with Allegany College of Maryland, brought a hugely important full-day training to Allegany County residents regarding the opioid crisis that is sweeping our nation, and ravaging the families of western Maryland.

According to The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in the year 2016, it was recorded that 89% of all intoxication deaths in Maryland were opioid-related. During 2007 there were about 650 opiate-related deaths in Maryland. Today, ten years later, that number has almost tripled to over 1,800 opiate related deaths in the state of Maryland.

Dr. James S. Gordon, along with Jon Ferguson and Jessey Mason of Eskenazi Health Systems, brought a new approach to how they are treating patients with drug addictions.

Using a Mind-Body Medicine approach, the goal of this workshop was to help participants understand how this model can address the symptoms of pain that have caused individuals to become hooked. In addition, the workshop addressed the broader issues of psychological trauma that cause addiction.

Throughout the workshop we mobilized the participants capacity to help themselves. We worked together to give them direct experiences of the strengths they have that can help them move beyond their addictions.

Very powerful. After the five day training. I thought, “why aren’t we ALL doing this? Why aren’t we teaching our children these coping skills? What would happen if we did?” The model for mind-body medicine teaches valuable skills you carry within yourself to help with everyday stress as well as major trauma. The best part… no drugs, alcohol, or negative side effects. Just breathe…Laurie Marchini

Learning Objectives:

DEMONSTRATE the effectiveness of The Center of Mind-Body Medicine’s (CMBM) model for addressing opiate addiction and the anxiety, depression, and despair that fuel it.

EXPERIENCE several evidence-based practical techniques that participants can learn to use for themselves first and then for those who are struggling with opiate abuse and addiction.

UNDERSTAND how addiction and trauma can open up an opportunity for transformation and healing.

EXPERIENCE mind-body medicine techniques (meditation, movement, drawings…) to enhance overall health and well-being.

REALIZE the importance of self-awareness and self care for overall health and well-being.

RECOGNIZE the importance of a community response to the opioid crisis.

APPLY the CMBM model to employee health and the current community

Course Instructors:

James S. Gordon, MD
The psychiatrist who is CMBM’s Founder and Executive Director, wll lead large group presentations focused on several experiential mind-body techniques and the basic science underlying these approaches.

Jon Ferguson, LMFT, LCAC
Clinical Program Manager, Addiction Services
Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health

Jessey Mason, LCAC,

Lead Clinician, Narcotics Treatment Program
Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health

They will address practical ways that the approach is currently used, evidence of the impact of the model, as well as the challenges and benefits for the people with opiate addiction and those who serve them. There will be ample opportunity to share personal experiences and discuss the specific problems affecting Allegany County. The goal will be to help members of the community integrate self-care and group support into their preventitive and therapeutic efforts for people with opiate abuse and addiction and their families to foster a culture of wellness in Allegany County.