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Author: Ann Fonfa

Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. She refused chemo, radiation and hormonal treatment. She sought alternative treatments, then founded Annie Appleseed Project to share the information. She travels, speaks up/out to help others.


6 Words That Changed My Life

By Ann Fonfa

I was raised as a completely non-religious person. I never learned to meditate, didn’t think much of the mind-body-spirit stuff because I couldn’t wrap my head around the ‘spirit’ part.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 44. I didn’t know a single living soul with cancer, and folks seemed to go out of their way to tell me about their next door neighbor’s cousin “but she died”, or their co-worker’s sister’s friend – “but she died”. So I had NO doubt that I would die – especially because I met with a surgeon on Thursday and was told they had an opening on Monday. I interpreted that to mean I was doomed.

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