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Author: Cheryl Harris

Cheryl Harris is an award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, writer, speaker and coach in Fairfax and Alexandria, Virginia. Mindfulness is a key part of her personal & professional passion. Find her at @CherylHarrisRD



By Cheryl Harris

Shame is an inevitable component of binge eating disorder, so although it’s the most common of eating disorders, it’s rarely discussed.

Binging was a carefully hidden secret for me since my early teen years. I remember getting upset over a running injury and devouring a chocolate cake. Not a piece of cake — a whole chocolate cake — and it was still mostly frozen. Binging was my normal; I didn’t believe change was possible. So even as I got degrees in nutrition and ate more nourishing foods, there were still nights where I’d polish off a can of frosting, and suffer through the inevitable self-loathing hangover.

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