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Author: Debra Mulnick, RN

Debra Mulnick, RN is a holistic nurse and yoga therapist who has been exploring yoga, self-care and complementary medicine for nearly 30 years. She started the first Integrative Medicine Program in Boise, ID in 1998. She is a founder and board member of The Cancer Connection Idaho.


The Healing Circle

By Debra Mulnick

Boise, Idaho has become a busy resettlement community for refugees from all over the world. To thrive in our country is a significant challenge for these new arrivals. Two colleagues and I designed and implemented a mind-body skills program as part of the International Rescue Committee Life Skills Class for refugee women, with a focus on language acquisition for basic daily activities such as shopping, cooking, and going to the doctor.

At the center of the program are self-care practices that strengthen an individual’s ability to care for themselves, based on the model established by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. We hoped the shared experience of the women would also contribute to a sense of community support.

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