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Author: Erin Goldstein

Erin Goldstein, Salesforce Admin, has worked with CMBM since 2008. She also blogs for her family company Hodgson Mill’s Recipe Blog.


Mindfulness at the Office: Our Secret Efficiency Factor

By Erin Goldstein

Every meeting at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine starts with a minute or so of Soft Belly Meditation, which is deep breathing with the simple mantra, “soft….belly”.

Most interns and guests look a little wide-eyed at the first meeting here when the meditation is announced. Perhaps they’re thinking “What have I gotten myself into?” or “Who are these people?!” I know I did, when I started working here. But after attending meetings at other companies and meetups, where you launch into business without the benefit of a meditation, I definitely notice a difference.

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garlic honey mustard greens

Garlic Honey Mustard Greens

By Erin Goldstein

Garlic Honey Mustard . . . isn’t that more like a topping for wings? Not when you’ve got mustard greens. I can’t resist them when I see them in the store or farmers market — bright yellow-green leaves, with delicate frilly edges and a spicy fresh smell. But the first time I brought them home, I couldn’t think of what to do with them, until I thought, “Well, honey mustard is one of my favorite flavors, so why not give that a try?” With zippy lemon and honey balanced with some fragrant browned garlic and earthy walnuts, this recipe is a lightly sweet take on greens I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

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