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Reviving Health

By Gary Goldman

My first introduction to mind-body healing was 25 years ago when I experienced excruciating migraine headaches. After many unproductive doctor visits, I was referred to biofeedback relaxation exercises. At first I was skeptical as my fingers were gently taped to wires to gauge my body temperature and blood flow. However, I came to appreciate and understand the impact of constricted blood vessels and oxygen deprivation, caused by stress and tension, on my body. To this day, my simple awareness of tension and stress has eliminated the migraines.

Ten years ago, I began having back pain that virtually debilitated me for almost a year. I was taking enormous amounts of drugs, including epidural shots, and was hospitalized on Morphine IV.  I went to top doctors who all said that I MUST have spinal fusion surgery for my so-diagnosed herniated, bulging disc. Three days before the scheduled surgery, I cancelled.   I was fortunate to find Dr. John Sarno, author of The Mindbody Prescription, and discover that there was a safer, healthier, more effective option. Through readings, psychotherapy and a lot of hard work, I learned that psychological factors (e.g., difficult emotions, repressed anger/rage in the unconscious mind) were causing the pain.

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