The Blood Sugar Solution: Mark Hyman’s Thoughtful Guidance

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By James S. Gordon MD I’m proud to announce that my good friend, colleague, and CMBM board member, Dr. Mark Hyman has just released his latest book, The Blood Sugar Solution. This book is a must read continuation of his groundbreaking work with diabesity (the continuum of abnormal biology that ranges from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes). It’s a book I recommend to all … Read More

Amazing Graces: Days Two, Three, and Four

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By James S. Gordon MD The Missing Twin: Part One The loss of life here in Jacmel is far less than in Port-au-Prince but the burden is still heavy. There are of course the ordinary deaths that come with age, and the losses of younger people cut down by accident, sudden illness, or murder. And in the background for everyone … Read More

Amazing Graces: Days Two and Three

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By James S. Gordon MD By the second day there are actually 135 participants-almost 180 of us altogether. The ones who didn’t come to the opening are present and others from the waiting list have found a way. There are thirteen in most of our small groups.

Day 1 of the Training- Jacmel, Haiti

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By James S. Gordon MD The view from Soeurs Salesiennes school where we are doing our training opens out to the sea of Haiti’s south coast. Nuns glide quietly over the grounds and little girls in white blouses and blue jumpers with beribboned hair skip hand in hand. We are working in a school because no hotel in Jacmel can accommodate … Read More

Arriving in Jacmel

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By James S. Gordon MD We wound over the mountains from Port-au-Prince and arrived in Jacmel in time for lunch. Spills of fruit, vegetables, brightly painted metal butterflies, ceramic vases pouring out of stands onto the edge of the narrow roadway. Agriculture—hoes not tractors–struggling up steep slopes. At the community center cum chuch in Jacmel we gather—faculty with our twelve Haitian … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

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By James S. Gordon MD Valentine’s Day often offered choices and called up anxiety as well as affection. Was it presumptuous – or misleading- to send a card to x? Would y feel hurt if I neglected her? What kind of card could best, most honestly and lovingly convey feelings that were sometimes complex or even mixed. It was always easiest … Read More

Sadness in Winning

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By James S. Gordon MD An unfamiliar mixed emotion overtook my nine year old son, Gabriel, and me as we watched the New York Giants close out the San Francisco 49ers. For almost four hours, we’d been sitting in a San Francisco home—lone Giants fans happily slapping palms and shouting encouragement surrounded by three generations of equally fervent Niner supporters. And … Read More

Gulf Coast Hope

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By James S. Gordon MD Grace is small, slight, and dark and moves almost without sound at the side of her two blond sons. But once she registers, like a negative coming alive in a tray of developer, her image stays with me, still, mournful and isolated among a crowd of a hundred adults and children who have come, curious, clamoring … Read More

Our work in Israel and Gaza in Jerusalem

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By James S. Gordon MD Hi everybody, I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summers. I’ve been  in Israel and Gaza with our team, and more recently have been working on getting our programs ready for the fall (Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine begins in just a little over a month!) as well as doing some writing. I wanted … Read More

Who Will Lead Haiti’s Mental Health Recovery?

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By James S. Gordon MD We did a workshop for our team while we were in Haiti last week– at a church retreat center, a little, open, green place at the bottom of a hill in the middle of Petionville, bird-filled flowering trees, some fresh, if very warm air—an oasis. More than 60 of those who completed our Advanced Training … Read More