Visiting Leogane Haiti – Mind-Body Skills at Cardinal Leger Hospital

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By James S. Gordon MD We spend the morning at the Cardinal Leger Hospital, destroyed in the earthquake and quickly rebuilt. Haiti’s lepers come here, older people without legs , or with fingers and toes amputated by the disease; brothers 8 and 12 years old whose noses have collapsed and whose faces and hands already bear the scars of the condition.

Visiting Leogane: Earthquake Epicenter to become Center of Healing

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By James S. Gordon MD Visiting Leogane the day after the inauguration, we are plunged into the canyon between the promise and its fulfillment.  The city,  which was the epicenter of the earthquake, is desolate, a combination of “the hour before the shootout” in the Westerns, and a scene from after the Apocalypse. There are empty lots where once there were … Read More

Haiti’s New President Michel Martelly, and New Hope

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By James S. Gordon MD May 14, 2011 in Port-au-Prince felt like January 20, 2009 in Washington DC: a new president producing unexpected smiles, and tears, too– and in devastated Haiti, a sense of new life. In one of those happy coincidences—psychiatrist Carl Jung called them “synchronicities”—we found ourselves in Haiti on Inauguration Day and in the precise hotel at which … Read More

Meeting Martelly: A New President for Haiti is Inaugurated

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By James S. Gordon MD On the night before his inauguration, Haitian president-elect Michel Martelly  came to the Hotel Karibe, where our US team and our Haitian program director Linda Metayer were staying. He sat outdoors among us as the band began to play. There were watchful bodyguards, but also a feeling of welcome, of fraternity.

Mind-Body Medicine is “How to Heal Psychological Trauma”

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By James S. Gordon MD Dear Friends, On a recent trip to London, I was interviewed during Depression Awareness Week about my book Unstuck’s UK release by The Guardian newspaper. The reporter was particularly interested in CMBM’s Global Trauma Relief program and our work to bring population-wide psychological healing to places around the world that are afflicted by war and natural … Read More

In Haiti, Faces of Change: Mercedes’ Transformation

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By James S. Gordon MD Yesterday I told you about James (from the National Police), Ty Rose (an anesthesiologist and teacher), and Marilyn (a pediatrician).  (Here is the link, if you missed it.) Now, here is Mercedes’ story. We go around the circle to “check in” about our emotions and what’s happening right now, this moment. It is Mercedes’ time to … Read More

In Haiti: Faces of Change

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By James S. Gordon MD Two months after gunfire and bonfires in the streets interrupted our first Haiti Professional Training Program our participants are back – with stories of how they have used what  they learned from us and what they have taught to others. Their faces are eloquent with change as we sit together in the circle of our small … Read More

“Hope, Healing in Haiti” profile in NBC Washington

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By James S. Gordon MD Dear Friends, I’m delighted–NBC Washington online just posted a wonderful profile of our work in Haiti.  Read about our program and the many people it is helping here. Hope, Healing in Haiti: How Locals Are Rebuilding A Nation

In Haiti: Signs of Healing

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I’m not quite sure when or even how it happened but Haiti is starting to feel like home. Not in the sense that I have my family with me, or know where to do grocery shopping, or can lay my hands on the books I love most.

It’s something else, an ease with people, a sense of words and actions contributing to something really good – right now and for the future — a welcome, even an embrace that keeps expanding. It swells from the team around me, and from the 120 people — doctors, psychologists, nurses, midwives, teachers, priests and nuns and voudoun healers — who come to our training with great fidelity and teach the techniques they are learning from us to friends, family, and patients as soon as it is humanly possible. “In order to keep the training inside me always, I have to share it with others,” one young teacher announced this morning.