Author: Jo Cooper

Breathing in, Breathing out: Haiti’s Children

The first of a series of short videos by award-winning documentary filmmaker Tod Lending on our Global Trauma Relief work in Haiti.

Cranberry relish recipe from Food As Medicine

Cranberry Relish

CMBM Food As Medicine faculty member, Jo Cooper, shares her cranberry relish recipe in the Center Blog.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays! Sending our best wishes and gratitude that you are part of our community, and of our efforts to make the world a healthier & more peaceful place!


We’re already partial to being mindful, but now there’s a magazine all about it–the latest findings, the latest programs, the most wonderful stories–the juicy bits.

Bye Bye Butterflies

Publicity for the book describes it as teaching “self-regulation, stress management and mind-body techniques”, and it certainly does; but it’s really just the cutest, most empowering and practical gift you could give any young child.

Nourish your practice with healthy meals

Community Nutrition Resources

Interested in teaching your patients, colleagues, or family members about the value of eating healthy foods? I have two words to suggest: feed them.

Soft Belly Breathing

Dr. Gordon suggests we think “soft” as we breathe in and “belly” as we breathe out, reminding ourselves to relax our belly so we can take in full, healing breaths rather than shallow, tense ones.

Live Long and Prosper

The Lancet Oncology published remarkable new research showing that healthy lifestyle changes may lengthen our telomeres — i.e., may begin to reverse aging on a cellular level — the first time anything has been shown to do this.

Dean Ornish quote about heart disease

Dean Ornish & the Power of Nutrition & Lifestyle

This is “… the only program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease currently offered in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices that Medicare and other private insurance companies are covering.”

What’s for Breakfast? In the Kitchen with Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman demonstrates how to get the day started right, with his favorite protein smoothie recipe.