Author: Julie Tharrett

Amid Syria’s Crisis, Mental Health Care For Refugees

There are now more than one million Syrians seeking refuge in camps and towns in neighboring Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Many arrive without access to basic amenities, such as adequate shelter and clean water. Over two years of conflict has also left them with the mental scars of war.

Is legalizing marijuana a good idea?

Jane Velez-Mitchell hosts a debate on how legalized marijuana would affect the country.

Interview: Dr. James Gordon at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Dr. Sandi Scheinbaum interviews Dr. James Gordon, director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and author of “Unstuck” at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in February, 2012.

Helping the helpers cope with Newtown

Michele Novella and Dr. James Gordon talk before a workshop in resiliency and self-care for area psychologists and councilors dealing with the issues surrounding the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Wise Council Interview

Clinical Psychologist Dr. David Van Nuys interviews Dr. James Gordon on Mind Body Medicine and His Book “Unstuck.”

Mind Over Medicine

An in-depth look at the role psychology does—and doesn’t—play in American health care.

Rebuilding Haiti, Better Than Before

We at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine are working with every major health and mental health organization in Haiti, including the Ministry of Health and Partners in Health and the Catholic Church and the medical school and the nursing school and the general hospital.

Picking Up The Pieces In Haiti

I’ve seen been in wars and post-war situations with our work for the Center for Mind, Body, Medicine and post-Katrina, some terrible situations, but there is something about this one, about both the scope of the destruction, the physical destruction but also about the weight of sadness and the loss.

An Afternoon of Mind Body Wellness: James Gordon at George Mason University

Presentation by Dr. James Gordon, author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression

Unstuck with Dr. James Gordon | Preview | PBS

Marrying modern science with the wisdom of the world’s great psychological and spiritual traditions, Dr. Gordon’s “unstuck” approach will help people who are suffering from anxiety, stress and low-grade dissatisfaction with their lives, as well as the millions of Americans diagnosed with clinical depression.