Author: Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RDN, LDN

frozen berries

7 Smart Convenient Foods

Renowned nutirtionist Kathie Madonna Swift shares a few of her favorite convenience foods – whole foods that check all the good-for-you boxes.

Health through better nutrition

7 Steps to a Healthier YOU!

Food As Medicine course director, Kathie Madonna Swift, shares her seven steps for using nutrition to improve your health.

Your gut feels your stress

Got Stress? Your Gut Feels It!

Digestive health continues to be a hot nutrition and health topic. You won’t want to miss this synopsis of a recent gut-centric study — and once you digest and absorb its rich content, share with your colleagues and health care providers!

walnuts and blueberries help improve cognitive function

The Hungry Brain

Quite simply, every time you eat, you have an opportunity to nourish your brain.