Community Wide Healing: New Gaza Video

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By Lee-Ann Gallarano Community. Healing. Hopefulness. Tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are using the CMBM model to repair the damaging effects of trauma and stress. They have created a community of healing and support that touches lives and builds a sense of hopefulness for the future.

Our Work in Haiti: How Do You Connect?

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By Lee-Ann Gallarano Our work in Haiti starts with our faculty sharing expertise in mind-body medicine with Haitian health professionals and educators in a series of professional trainings. The techniques they learn are healing for them, their families and their communities. National Team Leader, Regine Laroche, focuses on helping traumatized individuals rebuild themselves from the inside and regain a sense … Read More

Our Work in Haiti: The Need

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By Lee-Ann Gallarano Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) in Haiti has not only ensued from the physical, political and economic environments, but also from the internal devastation felt by the individual. Our team of Haitian health-care providers, educators and team leaders recognized their own pain and saw the need in their communities for support. Follow their journey as they work to heal Haiti form the individual to national levels.