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Author: Liora Schneider

Liora Schneider is a Mexican Psychologist with a master in Psychotherapy, a specialty in addiction and a Certification in Mind Body Medicine. She works with addicted patients in a rehab center and in her private office; since 2011 she has offered groups for stress reduction and relapse prevention.


Shaking & Dancing Challenge

By Liora Schneider

Shaking & Dancing Meditation has been my favorite exercise since I learned it in the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program. To me, it’s a dynamic and effective method that immediately changes one’s state of mind.

In the groups that I have led, I have noticed that it’s one of the exercises that the participants enjoy and do the most in their daily lives. The group members who have practiced it say they feel more energized and happier, at least during the day they do it. It is easily practiced and duration can depend on the time and availability of each person.

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