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Author: Tanya Malse

Labor Relations Dispute Arbitrator for the Connecticut State Board of Mediation and Arbitration; graduate of both the Center’s Mind-Body Medicine and Advanced Mind-Body Medicine professional training programs. She is affectionately called The Shaking Queen as she will show anybody, anytime, and anywhere how to shake.


Shaking and Dancing with My Gynecologist

By Tanya Malse

On day one of the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program, our first large group modality is shaking and dancing. “Oh no,” I think, “I get to shake this body I usually ignore, in front of 250 people I don’t know. How silly will I look and will released energy make me sick in some way like throwing up or hurting my legs or my replaced hip joints?” A breath of relief comes as Dr. Gordon says we are to close our eyes. What was I thinking anyway? I am in a room of professional health care providers, with a doctor standing right next to me.

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