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By Jo Cooper

I had to stop in the middle of eating my lunch just now because of how beautiful the colors are! This is a fall farm market feast, of small purple potatoes, crimini mushrooms, golden zucchini (!), squash blossoms, sweet red pepper and red onion with corn tortillas and arugula. Oh, YUM!

And easy. You may have noticed, that’s the only way I cook.

Here’s how:

Slice veggies relatively thin. Toss in a large bowl with olive oil to thinly coat, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and dried thyme. Spill out on a baking sheet, spreading everything out (I do this on parchment paper to make clean up easy). Broil for about 20 minutes– until the veggies are starting to brown, starting to crisp. Heat up 2 tortillas per serving– easily done in a minute or so on a gas stove just on top of the burner, flipping and watching that they don’t burn. Spread roasted veggies on one half- top with the other. Cut in half (I just roll or crunch up each half to eat). Add greens. Serve. Stop to take photograph part way through when you suddenly become dazzled by how beautiful it is.

ps– this is a real winner with teenage boys, I can attest! And the leftovers are splendid, as you can see.

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