Our Wonderful Alums: Mary-Beth in the Drip Room

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By Jo Cooper

Right after Food As Medicine in June 2010, we received the following email from a participant:

Thank you and the staff for an incredible experience.
It is still very alive for me. I came home and right away started
weekly food demonstrations at the oncology clinic
where I work.  Patients are loving it!

Peace & blessings,

Mary-Beth Charno, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, OCN
Linchitz Medical Wellness,Glen Cove, NY

This kind of email goes in my electronic folder labeled Cloud Nine. Seriously– what would you like to hear if you managed a nutrition training program for healthcare professionals?  The paycheck is not why we work late.  So I contacted Mary-Beth for details, and she was kind enough to share photos and recipes.

Magical Miso Soup & Ginger Tea

What more perfect thing to do with her captive audience than sharing simple, nourishing food ideas?

Her patients agree:

“I learn so much from Mary-Beth when coming for chemo treatment.”
“I feel cared for while I’m here, body and mind.”
“I’ve always wondered what kombu was!”

Thank YOU, Mary-Beth 🙂

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