Persuasively Yours: Top 5 Studies on Mind-Body Medicine

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By Jo Cooper

Our colleague Tim Eden, MSW, Assistant to Dr. Gordon, is bicycling across the country right now, from Seattle, WA to his mom’s home in New Jersey. Whew. But before he left, we asked him to share what are, in his opinion, the top 5 studies showing the efficacy and validity of mind-body medicine– the ones you can use to convince your boss– or yourself– to finally put it on your calendar to attend our legendary Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training program, coming up October 5 – 9 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do you know what attendees usually say at the end of the program? Not, “It was a good program”. Instead, we consistently hear, “It changed my life.” Could you use a little life-changing? Watch “Transforming Your Practice” and Register now!

The top 5 studies:

  1. A large-scale meta-analysis reveals that Mindfulness-Based Interventions are superior to standard treatment:
  2. Although our understanding has continued to progress, this article explains with intimate detail how psychological stress affects our immune system:
  3. Mind-Body Skills groups reduce biological indicators of stress in medical students.
  4. Meditation can actually grow your brain. Lazar and colleagues measured increased cortical thickness in experienced meditators, particularly in older participants.
  5. Dean Ornish demonstrates the effects of a comprehensive mind-body medicine program at altering the genetic expression of specific genes related to prostate cancer.

Hope you find these interesting. And thanks, Tim! We’re sending you good vibes for your journey ))))) and can’t wait to see you and hear your stories!!!

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  • Kimberly Wulfert PhD

    Thanks Jo, for posting Tim’s thoughts. These studies provide great support. Best of luck to Tim on his journey.

  • Angela Trimble

    Oh my gosh..that is awesome what Tim is doing!!! WOW. Hope ya’ll didn’t forget about me 🙂 I interned last summer.