Mind-Body Workshop in South Sudan

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CMBM founder James Gordon, MD with Anyieth D'Awol in Juba, South Sudan
After the 70 women of ROOTS have welcomed us with singing, dancing, and clapping, I lead Soft Belly breathing with Anyieth D’Awol, CMBM faculty and the founder of ROOTS.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
Women in South Sudan practicing Qi Gong
Many of the women describe tension and stiffness in their bodies. Here we’re doing Qi Qong to relieve aching backs and balance disordered nervous systems.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
South Sudanese Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Anyoti Adigo Nyakuach
At the beginning of our two-day program, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Anyoti Adigo Nyakuach, addressed the members of the transitional government and leaders of civil society groups. “Inner peace,” he says, “is the only way to achieve outer peace.”
Photo creditt: Tim McKulka
Dr. Atong Ayuel Longar, the Director of the South Sudan Mental Health Department
Dr. Atong Ayuel Longar, the Director of the Mental Health Department at the Ministry of Health, telling me that she’s going to bring Soft Belly breathing back to her hospital and the ministry.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
Participants in a Mind-Body Skills workshop sharing drawings
Sharing drawings of “biggest problems” and “solutions to them.” This is the first time in years that many of our participants have come together to speak peacefully and intimately with people from other tribal groups.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
Women shaking and dancing to release stress.
Shaking and Dancing to release stress.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
Inside a military hospital in South Sudan
In the military hospital. There are 650 patients like this man who was shot in the leg while in his military barracks, 450 have suffered bullet wounds. The hospital is clean and well tended, but terribly understaffed. Rehabilitation is minimal, psychological care non-existent; patients often remain for months.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
James Gordon, MD listening to the concerns of Brigadier General James Madol Mac, the director of Defense Health Services
Listening to the concerns of Brigadier General James Madol Mac, the director of Defense Health Services and of the military hospital. Behind me is Dr. Malong Aguel, one of the hospital’s five surgeons.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
Children at an orphanage in Juba, South Sudan
At the Juba orphanage home, led by Abdu Wajo. It’s an oasis of hope for children who have lost their parents, and for several who for reasons that are unclear, were kidnapped and then abandoned. Children here take care of one another.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
Musarrat Al-Azzeh and James Gordon, MD singing and dancing in Juba
Singing and dancing with the children at the orphanage, with Musarrat Al-Azzeh, our associate director for global trauma relief.
Photo credit: Tim McKulka
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