Research Assistant in Indianapolis for Indiana Department of Corrections Mind-Body Skills Groups

CMBM is performing a research study in the Indian Women’s Prison and in the Plainfield Correctional Facility in Indianapolis, IN. The study involves training incarcerated men and women to facilitate mind-body skills groups for their incarcerated peers and to measure the effects of the mind-body skills groups on these participants. Skills taught in the mind-body skills groups include: meditation, self-expression through drawings, autogenics and biofeedback, guided imagery, body awareness, and genograms. The study also involves measuring the benefits of the training for the incarcerated men and women attending the training.

This part-time position involves consenting incarcerated men and women who are interested in participating in the mind-body medicine training or mind-body skills groups so that they can take part in the research study. It also involves the administration of research packets before and after the mind-body skills groups or the training and collecting additional data at follow-up.


This position is a part-time short term contract position from March 2023 through approximately March 2024. The pay for this position is $25 per hour. The approximate total number of hours will be between 170-200. CMBM will reimburse the Contractor for any expenses incurred such as mileage for travel to the prisons and photocopying/scanning.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work closely with CMBM’s Research Director virtually throughout the project for training and supervision
  • Work with prison staff on coordinating research activities and access to the prisons
  • Complete the 3-5 hour online Human Protections Training Course by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (on
  • Complete a 5-hour online training provided by the Indiana Department of Corrections
  • Perform informed consent group interviews in-person with incarcerated research subjects
  • Administer consent forms in-person to incarcerated research subjects
  • Copy consent forms and research packets (can use a copy center)
  • Code research packets
  • Administer research packets in-person to incarcerated participants of the mind-body medicine training
  • Administer research packets in-person to the incarcerated participants of the mind-body skills groups (separate from the training)
  • Scan (can use a copy center) and upload completed consent forms and research packets


  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in a science-related field
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and also function well in a collaborative team setting
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Pass a background check by the Indiana Department of Corrections
  • Contractor will need a computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Contractor must be willing to work in-person and will need reliable source of transportation to commute to and from the prisons

Preferred Qualifications

  • 1+ years experience as a research assistant
  • Experience obtaining informed consent for a research study
  • Experience collecting research data from human subjects

Location and Travel Requirements

The position will require someone who lives in Indianapolis, IN, where the prisons are located.

Application Process

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and references via this form.