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Nourish your practice with healthy meals

Community Nutrition Resources

Interested in teaching your patients, colleagues, or family members about the value of eating healthy foods? I have two words to suggest: feed them.

Garlic Honey Mustard Greens

With zippy lemon and honey balanced with some fragrant browned garlic and earthy walnuts, this recipe is a lightly sweet take on greens.

Pick Me Up Truffles

Whole food ingredients, date sweetened, healthy fats and proteins, taste reminiscent of a Snickers bar. No gluten, no dairy, no refined sugars, no nuts.

Kids with cancer cook with Food As Medicine

Happily Hungry: Kids with Cancer Cook!

The treatment stopped the disease, but in its wake began the healing process—physical and psychological.

Mediterranean Three Bean Salad

Protein and fiber rich legumes, green beans, and flavorful herbs make for a fresh and easy lunch that gets better with time!

Dean Ornish quote about heart disease

Dean Ornish & the Power of Nutrition & Lifestyle

This is “… the only program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease currently offered in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices that Medicare and other private insurance companies are covering.”

What’s for Breakfast? In the Kitchen with Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman demonstrates how to get the day started right, with his favorite protein smoothie recipe.

Sun-dried Tomato, Swiss Chard, and Chevré Frittata

One of the tricks to keeping your health goals throughout the week is by making a big dish, like this frittata.

Velvety Mediterranean Gazpacho

Rebecca Katz, Food As Medicine Executive Chef, shares her healthy, vegetable centric gazpacho recipe.

Cook Like an Artist

I cook with my eyes. Color matters, texture matters, flavor matters. I find my art supplies at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning.