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Enduring Presence

By Carol Jacobs, LCSW

It has been 20 plus years since my first encounter with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. In the early years I was part of the team that travelled to the refugee camps in Kosovo. We had the profound privilege of teaching our work to children, civilians, and professionals. All had suffered the traumas and anguish of war. I saw the transformations that resulted from our work; how enduring presence and teaching provided healing and growth. After “Soft Belly” breathing with a group of 40 people in a refugee camp, one man said that he hadn’t experienced a sense of safety and calm since the outbreak of the war in Kosovo until then. A young man in a small group I led felt free to cry for the first time after drawing a picture depicting the murder of his father in their home.

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A Holiday Treat – Empty Your Cup

By James S. Gordon MD

During these joyous yet stressful holidays, we want to take a moment to stop and appreciate everything we have to be grateful for. At the top of our list is YOU — the people who make our work possible! As a thank you, we want to share with you one of our favorite stories, Empty Your Cup. Dr. Gordon often shares this story at our Mind-Body Medicine Training Programs. It’s a nice reminder to not allow the holidays to overwhelm you. So when the kids are screaming, and the line in the store is a mile long, and the cookies are burning in the oven, stop for a moment and take a few breaths. Breathe out the stress and breathe in the love that is the foundation of this season.

Happy holidays from all of us at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine!


Saybrook University Offers a Master’s Degree in Mind-Body Medicine

By Devorah Curtis, Ph.D.

Are you working as a nurse, physician, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, acupuncturist, HR professional, nutritionist, educator, or fitness consultant? Do you have an ongoing yearning to maximize your expertise and make a difference in healthcare in some way? Are you seeking an advanced degrees to better understand the research and best practices known to enhance healthcare delivery and individual wellbeing?

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