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James Gordon, MD in Lebanon meeting Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Musarrat Kazepis, our Special Programs Manager, Maha Ghatasheh from The Institute for Family Health in Jordan, and I are in Lebanon to explore possibilities for working with local organizations to meet the needs of Lebanon’s one million war-traumatized Syrian refugees. On our first day, we met with representatives of The American University of Beirut and …

James Gordon, MD using mind-body skills such as drawing to help Syrian refugees

Drawing pictures of hope

On the fourth day, we do our second set of drawings and compare them with the first. In his hoped for future, the Syrian refugee draws himself back in his home, taking his rightful place, rebuilding. The Palestinian has “stopped the clock.” No longer trapped by the past or worrying about the future, he draws …

James Gordon, MD visits the home of Syrian refugees

In the home of Syrian refugees

As part of CMBM’s trip to Jordan, James Gordon, MD stopped by the home of a refugee family. The experience was profound.

James Gordon, MD working with Syrian refugees on genograms

Strength from family – past and present

On the third day, we do genograms, family trees, and share them. We’re looking not only for patterns of disease and distress, as mental health professionals usually do, but also for strengths that can sustain us, for ancestors and contemporaries who can inspire us to deal with present challenges. The Syrian refugee sees himself getting …

Syrian women meditating during mind-body skills training

Meditating and finding solutions

Meditation is the focus of this third installment in James Gordon, MD’s six part narrative of our work in Jordan for Syrian refugees.

James Gordon, MD dancing with Syrian refugee leaders and care-givers during mind-body training

From grief and stress to laughter

Part two in James Gordon, MD’s narrative of our work with Syrian refugee aid workers and refugee leaders in Jordan.

James Gordon, MD leading mind-body medicine training in Lebanon with Syrian refugees

Working with Syrian refugee leaders and caregivers in Jordan

The first installment in a six-part summary of our trip to Jordan to work with Syrian refugee leaders and those who provide care, James Gordon, MD relays his experience with this special group of individuals.