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Running for the Mind

Everyone knows about the physical benefits of running, such as preventing and managing a range of health problems including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. But, as a healthy woman in my 20s, those benefits were hard for me to grasp. Telling myself, “If you go for this run today, you’ll decrease …

Gratitude and Wellbeing

Gratitude defies easy classification. It can serve as an emotion, a moral virtue and even a coping response. It is the overwhelming feeling of appreciation to someone or something outside of ourselves for something in our lives that we find beneficial. Gratitude has been prized as a virtue by most of the world’s religious traditions …

5 Ways of Coping with Stressors

Five tips to help deal with Stressors in your life.

James S. Gordon, MD speaking at TEDMED 2016 in Palm Springs, CA

Fulfilling Trauma’s Hidden Promise

Don’t miss Jim’s TEDMED talk released January 17, 2017 and then tune into his Facebook Live Q&A at 4PM ET.

CMBM meditation during training in New Orleans

Meditation for Anxiety

Using meditation for anxiety has become more common in recent years. We have some tips on using mindfulness meditation to reduce anxiety.

Always Hungry by Dr. David Ludwig

Food As Medicine faculty member David Ludwig, MD, PhD, knows why you’re #AlwaysHungry

Center faculty member, David Ludwig provides a 3-phase program that let’s you lose weight without calorie counting – by putting biology back on your side! Read an excerpt from his new book Always Hungry.

Coming Together to Heal

The terrible deaths of school children and those who care for them in Connecticut are bound to touch all of our children and, indeed, all of us.

An Open Door in Gaza

“Mind-body medicine is a friend.” Says Iman, a physical therapist. “And being here is like living with my second family. Our message is love.”

Coming Together at CancerGuides Israel

Coming Together at CancerGuides Israel

I was particularly touched as I watched the Israelis and Palestinians, in my group, overcome initial suspicion and the pain that inequities in health care cause…and come to know and appreciate each other as professionals and as people.

Feast with Your Eyes

This is a fall farm market feast, of small purple potatoes, crimini mushrooms, golden zucchini (!), squash blossoms, sweet red pepper and red onion with corn tortillas and arugula.